Choice of Simplicy

In my bedroom I have opted for the choice of simplicity. I have a very minimal platform bed. It is a simple frame that hovers a few inches off the ground. It has no drawers. It has no headboard or footboard. The mattress is an 8-inch thick model that is comfortable and supportive, but not overly padded. It requires no box spring. I have a writing desk with a single small drawer in the front. I have a knockoff Eames chair in white. I have a set of 3 nesting tables. I have them spread out in the room and each one has a purpose. All of the furniture is made from real wood. I did not make this a requirement, however, I found the items and it was a selling point for me. I have one picture hung on the wall that inspires me.

These are the only furnishings in my bedroom. There is no television. There is no computer. If I want to watch something, I stream it on my iPad. If I want to do something online, I use my phone or iPad. The only thing I plan to add is a simple bedside lamp. The one I want is a simple ceramic design from Target that I will purchase soon.

The choice of simplicity can be so rewarding.