Today I decluttered something in my life that takes up no physical space at all. I made the decision to unsubscribe from RSS feeds as a means of consuming content. I removed the apps from my devices and turned my Feed Wrangler account off auto-renew.

I decided that there were just too many “inboxes” in my life. Too many badges with an unread count that made me feel guilty for my lack of attention. Too many times where I am standing in line and have the instant instinct to pull out my phone and catch up on the very very important tech news of the day.

This is ridiculous. The stress that those unread counts generate is not nearly offset by the value RSS brings me. I have created a folder of Bookmarks to the sites that I still wish to follow. I know that there will be times that I miss a great article that I wouldn’t have passed over when using RSS, but I think I'm safe from harm. It is likely that if the article is that good, I’ll hear about it on a social service like ADN or Twitter.

I feel lighter. I feel free from the distractions of an unread count. I feel like content can no longer consume me versus the opposite and intended hierarchy of life. Kickass.